In the case of the fictional carefree TV teen pop star Hannah Montana, going on a tour - a world tour no less - is more in line with many teen fantasies of pop stardom.this trip packs in heaping sugary spoonfuls of move-laden dance choreography, a bit of sass, and LOTS  of shopping. Montana fans will find much to enjoy in Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour, and other gamers may be surprised at what a little exercise can do for their button mashing skills. As you travel from one location to the next you'll have an opportunity to see the sights and work the crowds in-between performances.Sure, there's plenty of music, 15 Hannah Montana tunes from the popular show to be exact, but during the bulk of the time you're on stage you'll have no bearing on how the tunes are actually performed. Instead, your job is to look cool by kicking out the funky dance moves to woo the audience, earn new fans, and put on a decently choreographed performance.



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