In the 80s, Transformers were all the rage with a cartoon, a highly successful toy line, and a movie that made a lot of adolescent kids tear up - even to this day. We all had our favorites and they included Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, Megatron, and even the sniveling backstabbing Starscream. Transformers held captive our imaginations everyday once we got home from school. Their popularity continued to escalate, only rivaled by that of four green teenagers that knew the ways of the ninja. There have even been heated debates over which Transformers cartoon was the best. Be it the original, now dubbed Generation One; Beast Wars; or one of the more recent ones, Transformers Armada. These discussions are almost as bad as when you ask someone which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars. This summer sparks the rebirth of the Transformers in the hearts of giant robot fans everywhere. As you might be able to guess, with a high profile movie comes a game that everyone hopes will be good enough. Well, Eidos has a plan to make not just a good movie tie-in game, but also a really good Transformers game.



The classic kart racer is back, and it's as good as ever! Maybe it's even better than ever. The addition of the motion controls and the online functionality are absolute boons to a series that already completely rocked. Moreover, the inclusion of great retro tracks to a primo list of new courses has created a ton of variety for everyone to enjoy. There are only a few minor problems in the entire title, but they are worth mentioning. First, the battle modes, though excellent, are too few with a scant number of customizable options. Second, the emphasis on equalizing item pick-ups takes a good deal of skill and strategy out of the title. Despite these two flaws, the game is an absolute blast! Players of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds will love this title for the sheer joy and excitement it produces. Good show, Team Mario!



 For those who've been accidentally exposed to the Disney Channel lately - whether through a younger sibling, your own child, via channel flipping, or other means - High School Musical: Sing It! offers an opportunity to cast out the audio poltergeists you've been absentmindedly humming for months. Let's not forget the fans too. If you're one of the thousands of people who absolutely loved the incredibly successful Disney movies then Sing It! will let you let you bust out your mad vocal skills in front of friends and family to your heart's content.


In the case of the fictional carefree TV teen pop star Hannah Montana, going on a tour - a world tour no less - is more in line with many teen fantasies of pop stardom.this trip packs in heaping sugary spoonfuls of move-laden dance choreography, a bit of sass, and LOTS  of shopping. Montana fans will find much to enjoy in Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour, and other gamers may be surprised at what a little exercise can do for their button mashing skills. As you travel from one location to the next you'll have an opportunity to see the sights and work the crowds in-between performances.Sure, there's plenty of music, 15 Hannah Montana tunes from the popular show to be exact, but during the bulk of the time you're on stage you'll have no bearing on how the tunes are actually performed. Instead, your job is to look cool by kicking out the funky dance moves to woo the audience, earn new fans, and put on a decently choreographed performance.


Since the release of the original Guitar Hero , Nintendo purists have been greivously slighted as they've have had to suffer through two long years without the awesome power of console rock. For those who are new to the franchise, the underlying gameplay concept of Guitar Hero is really a stroke of genius. Wielding a special guitar controller, which features a strum pad and five different colored fret keys, you'll play along to songs by nailing a stream of rapidly approaching notes on-screen.A meter tracks your accuracy and gauges the crowd response. If you hit the notes on-target you'll go on to open up new songs and receive cash to unlock additional bonus tunes and other goodies. Play lousy and you'll be booed off the stage. The appeal, of course, is you don't have to be an awesome guitarist to be able to rock out.

Wii Sports Blog 04/30/2008

On Wii Sports, there are 5 different sports you can play. You can play Baseball, Golf, Bowling, Boxing, and Tennis. Everytime you finsh a game, there is a line graph that shows your status overtime. If you get pass 1,000 point status, you are considered a pro. On the Wii Sports disk, there is also a fitness center and training. The fitness center lets you complete a series of task. Once you've done the three task, they show you your score. the lower it is, the better you did. On the training part, you can practice and get better skills of the 5 sports. It gives you challenges of the sports to practice with. Wii Sports comes free with purchase of a Wii.  


This game is on the top of the game chain on our site and our school(for some boys). You can play as some of the hottest characters that were ever created. Characters like Mario, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Starfox, Kirby, Princess Peach, Samus, and even Meta Knight. Make your way to the top on adventure mode. See if you can live up to the challenge.